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Welcome the all new Jigsaw-Puzzles-Free.com website!

We strive to bring you only the best jigsaw puzzles, puzzle games and word puzzles. With over 1000 free online jigsaw puzzles, you have a virtually endless supply of online web fun!

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Latest News

Feb. 1, 2011
Mazes are here! We have a collection of over 150 printable mazes! We also have tone of new online puzzle games. Enjoy!

Jan. 30, 2011
We're on a new server! Have you ever tried to come to the site just to end up frustrated that it was down? So were WE! We've ditched our old host and moved on, no more crashes!

Nov. 21, 2009
New jigsaw style is revealed. Our jigsaws are now 100% unique each time you play. No more repeating pieces. The pieces can now be put together in any order, and the pieces are rotated just like real life jigsaws.

Nov. 19, 2009
Slider puzzles are here! All of your favorite jigsaws are now playable as slider puzzles, and each puzzle has 3 levels of difficulty. The best part is: All your slider puzzle scores are kept on record! Just like the jigsaw puzzles you love, if you're signed in then your scores are kep in your profile!

Nov. 15, 2009
We have a new look! Out with the old and in with the new! Don't worry, we still have all of your favorite jigsaws, puzzle games and word puzzles.

Oct. 1, 2009
Mountain Differences is released! Our very own spot the differences game. Developed in house by Jigsaw-Puzzles-Free.com!

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