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Puzzle Glue

Puzzle glue is one way to permanently preserve your completed jigsaw puzzle. Whether you simply want to keep your puzzle pieces intact, hang or frame your puzzle there are a number of different types of puzzle glue that you can use. Those who have a passion for jigsaw puzzles and for children who have worked hard piecing together a favourite jigsaw puzzle it is fun for them to hang their puzzles on a wall or display them on a shelf.

It is important to use puzzle glue that dries to a clear finish and will not distort the colors in your jigsaw puzzle. Some puzzle glue containers have a brush that is built into the cap of the glue bottle and others come with an applicator sponge. You can purchase jigsaw puzzles glues that are non-toxic, anti- flammable that seal and glue your puzzle and provide a glossy finish. Online jigsaw puzzle stores offer a variety of different glue choices depending on your preference.

Some types of puzzle glues are sold with a hook hole for displaying your completed jigsaw puzzle. Many of the glues will indicate the number of puzzle pieces or the size of jigsaw puzzle that the container will sufficiently cover. While some glues dry very quickly others will require more time to dry before your jigsaw is ready to be moved. It’s also important to protect your work surface from glue spills, some glues will wash up with water while other types of glues could damage surfaces that are not adequately protected.

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